Combat Through the Ages
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Combat Through the Ages

Max diamond

Back in the late 1960's, a group of British Stunt Performers, led by Max Diamond and Fred 'Nosher' Powell got together and formed a society to produce and present Medieval Jousting Tournaments. The first Tournament they were invited to hold was to be part of the Nottingham Festival in 1969. The event was a huge success and led to many more Tournaments throughout Great Britain. It was not  long before tours of Europe and America followed. 

As time went by members of the public showed an interest in participating alongside professional performers in the Tournaments. So the Jousting Association was formed. This group, led by its Principle, Max Diamond, went on to perform the world famous 'Tournament of Knights' in Austria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Germany, as well as residencies at Knebworth House (Hertfordshire,) Chilham Castle (Kent) and Tapeley Park (Devon.) 

In 1994 it was decided to form a second arm of the Association which branched out into other period themed activities. This new arm became known as  'Combat Through the Ages' and is run by Max Diamond's son, Peter Diamond. 

Since 1995, Combat Through the Ages is the only active part of the Association, following the retirement of Max after fifty years in the industry.

Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond was born into the entertainment and stunt industry, cutting his teeth working with his father, Max Diamond, in Jousting Tournaments. 

Since then he has appeared in many TV and Film productions and performed in stunt shows all over the world. He is the Director and Producer of Combat Through the Ages and runs the 'Knight School' training courses.

He also has  nearly thirty years experience in action Co-ordination and Instruction for TV, Theatre and live shows.