Combat Through the Ages
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Combat Through the Ages

  About us  

Combat Through the Ages was formed as part of the JoustingPirates
Association to offer a wider range of period based activities.

We have over forty-five years experience in presenting period themed entertainment and have performed throughout the world in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators, including royalty and state leaders.

Our performers are a mixture of professionals, ranging from Movie and TV Stunt Performers, Live Action Performers and Trained Actors. All of whom have many years experience in performing in front of the public in a safe, controlled and engaging way.

The performances presented are a clear representation of the periods covered. Both costumes and content are thoroughly researched, to help give a better understanding of the past, while balancing this with the audience's expectations of the 'Hollywood' version of our long heritage. All these elements meet to give an exciting and entertaining experience.

The Black KnightAll our shows and services can be easily adapted to meet your events individual needs.

The horses we use are all fully trained action horses. Many are stars in their own rights, having appeared in countless Television and Film productions.

All aspects of the shows are fully choreographed, scripted and performed by fully trained stunt action specialists.

We can present up to two performances a day for our horse based shows or three performances a day for our ground combat based shows. The average show run time starts at 20 minutes for smaller performances and goes up to forty minutes for the larger.

We are completely self contained and supply all our own equipment. All we require from you is a roped off arena with a ten foot safety moat between us and the public. Minimum size for Horse Shows is 200ft x 75ft and 45ft square for Combat Shows.  We also need an area away from the public for ourselves and the horses to prepare.

For information on the type of shows and services we offer please look at our  Live Shows, Other Services or Contact Us.